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Our MSMS Students did such a great job in our MSMS Winter Contest sponsored by the FTO!   Great job to all the students that entered!
Skyward Videos:  Parent(s)...The following videos show you how you can use some common features of Skyward, our gradebook program to keep track of your student's academic progress.  
Students and/or Parents, if you need any technical assistance, please use the Gateway Helpdesk: 412-373-5870 (leave a message with your name, building and phone number if no one answers)  or email at 
Visit our Online Resources for Families to learn how you can succeed in the Remote Learning Environment at Gateway School District.  
Gateway School District is ALL VIRTUAL until January 4th, 2021!
Please remember to log your attendance everyday!  ALL classes are live during virtual instruction unless otherwise noted.
December 17th and 18th
Our second semester math books will be distributed on Thursday, December 17, 2020  from 8:00am-1:00pm and on Friday, December 18, 2020 from 10:00am – 2:30pm outside the cafeteria (see attached image for exact location).  Please remain in your car and a staff member will bring a math book to you.  If you are unable to pick up the book at these times, please contact the main office at 412.373.5830 x1 to arrange a more convenient time.   
November 4th 
It is Day 2 of our Specials Rotation.
We will be running on our two-hour delay schedule.  Some classrooms will be running asynchronous so that they can hold parent/teacher conferences.  
November 3rd is Election Day - ALL VIRTUAL DAY - No Face-to-Face Instruction!   
It is Day 1 on our Specials Rotation.  
We will be running on our two-hour delay schedule on Tuesday.  Teachers will be holding live-streaming lessons online.  
This is a recording of the training that was offered to parents on September 30th by Gateway School District.  Experts from EdTech Leaders Online and Gateway Staff helped train and answer questions from our parents about Google Classroom and iPads.
Parents and Students:  This video reviews how to check Google Classroom and Skyward to make sure your assignments are turned in.
Students:  Are you getting too many email notifications from Google Classroom?  Watch this video on how you can customize your settings to fit your needs.
Students:  Do you want to see what is due in all of your Google Classes?  Watch this helpful video.
Do you want to see what projects you have due in Google? 
Cohort A - This is a general video made for students about how your week will run.  More specific times and information will be forthcoming from your teachers.
Cohort B - This is a general video made for students about how your week will run.  More specific times and information will be forthcoming from your teachers.
GATE - This is a general video made for students about how your week will run.  More specific times and information will be forthcoming from your teachers.
Welcome Video For Students in CoHorts A and B with some of the new building procedures due to Social Distancing requirements.
5th Grade Homeroom Locations.   I know that many 5th grade students that are entering our building may be worried about getting lost because of the larger size, but please don't worry.  Your homeroom teachers will be giving students a tour of the building the first week, but most of the learning will be taking place in the classrooms at least at the start of this year.   In the videos below, I explain how to get to your classrooms if you were coming in from the cafeteria, which all 5th-grade students will do on their first day this year if they ride the bus to school.  We will also have our staff posted everywhere that will help guide car riders and other students find their way.  
Three First Days at MSMS!

Moss Side Middle School will be having THREE First days of school this year to help our students with our transition to the Blended and Online Learning!  The teachers will be able to focus solely on one group of students at a time these first three days to welcome them and explain the procedures for learning in this blended environment.    On Friday, all groups will attend simultaneously, whether they are at home or attending school that day.  


On Tuesday, September 8th, we will only be teaching Cohort A.  


On Wednesday, September 9th, we will only be teaching GATE students.  *More announcements will be coming soon on how you will log in from home. *TWO HOUR DELAY SCHEDULE...see below for more details!


On Thursday, September 10th, we will only be teaching Cohort B


On Friday, September 11th, all students will participate in class.  Cohort A and GATE students will be online, and Cohort B will be in school.  



The two-hour delay start time for block one will be 10:20 AM! Your teachers will provide you with directions on how and what specific times you should login to your classes on Wednesdays!


Orientation Video. This is an orientation video from the 2019 school year that gives you a taste of Moss Side Middle School.


What is Google Classroom and How to use it at Gateway School District?


How to Login to Google Classroom from any Device