Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure and Governance

All Pennsylvania school districts are overseen by a publicly elected Board of School Directors. Gateway School District operates under the governance of a nine-member elected Board with a tenth appointed member, the Superintendent. The Board meets for a public Study Session and Regular Voting Meeting each month, with the exception of July, and conducts periodic committee meetings to address specific areas of need in the District, such as policy, facilities, safety, finance, and education (curriculum.) The Board follows the guidelines and regulations set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania School Code of 1949, as amended, in addition to other Federal, State, and Local laws and mandates. The Board is advised by a solicitor for legal counsel and relies on its Administrative Leadership Team to execute policy and administer the educational process. The Administrative Team is led by Commissioned Officers of the State, the Superintendent of Schools and the two Assistant Superintendent of Schools, as well as, 10 directors, supervisors, and coordinators in the areas of Human Resources, Finance, Special Education, Transportation, Food Service, Facilities, Technology, Communications and Safety, and Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. Eleven building principals and assistant principals lead the staff and students in the seven school buildings.


The District is the caretaker approximately 133 acres of property in Monroeville and Pitcairn with seven school buildings, one maintenance facility, Antimarino Stadium, the Henry J. Furrie Sports Complex, and many athletic fields. Economic assets include a healthy fund balance designed to address the rising cost of healthcare, pension, and facility maintenance. Human resources include 586 highly qualified staff members and 3,336 amazing students.