School Board

Name Term Committees
Jack Bova - President
10/2021- 12/2023 Buildings & Grounds (Chair) Tri Valley COG (Liaison) Forbes Road (Liaison - Alternate)  
John Ritter - Vice President
2020-2023 Legislative (Liaison) PSBA (Liaison) Intergovernmental Committee (Chair) Policy Committee (Chair)
Health & Safety Committee South West Transportation
Mary Beth Cirucci  
2020-2023 Athletic Committee Buildings & Grounds Committee Health & Safety Committee - (Chair)  
Susan DeLaney  
2020-2023 Policy Committee
Curriculum & Equity Committee (Chair)
Leslie McBride
2021-2025 Curriculum & Equity Committee Health & Safety Committee
Robin Mungo
2021-2025 Negotiations Committee Safety & Health Committee  
Dr. Mandal. Singh
2021-2025 Intergovernmental Committee Negotiations Committee (Chair)  
Valerie Warning 
2020-2023 Athletic Committee (Chair)
Buildings & Grounds Committee Sunrise School (Liaison) Policy Committee
Scott Williams  
2021-2023 Athletic Committee Forbes (Liaison)

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