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Registrations for the 2023 – 2024 school year are now open!  
New Kindergarten registrations will close on September 10, 2023 – transferring Kindergarten students are eligible to register all year. 
Our registration process is online through our Skyward program.   




Step #1:  Gather Up Your Documents to be Uploaded to Your Online Application

a.  Proof of the Child’s Age (Choose one from the list below) / Required for Pre-K through 12

  • Birth certificate
  • Notarized copy of birth certificate
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Copy of the record of baptism - notarized or duly certified and showing the date of birth
  • Notarized statement from the parents OR another relative indicating the date of birth
  • Valid passport
  • Prior school record indicating the date of birth

b.  Immunization Record or Religious Exemption / Required for Pre-K through 12

c.  Proof of Residency (One proof is required for the purposes of enrollment, however, district policy requires two proofs in addition to your deed, lease or mortgage.) / Required for Pre-K through 12

  • Deed / Lease / Mortgage (District Required)
  • Current utility bill
  • Current credit card bill
  • Property tax bill
  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver’s license
  • DOT identification card

d.  PRESCHOOL ONLY: Proof of Income (Choose all that apply for all family members living with the student who are financially responsible.)

  • Current W-2
  • Current Payroll Check
  • Current 1099 Government Award Letter
  • Current Child Support documentation

**KINDERGARTEN ENROLLMENTS:  While not required for registration, our school nurses would appreciate a copy of the following if available at the time of registration:  Six month dental check-up and Yearly Physical.  These documents will be due upon entry to Kindergarten.** 


Step #2:  Newly Enrolling Families (if a current and/or Returning Family Skip and go to Step #3)
  1. Visit the Skyward New Student Online Enrollment portal and register an account.
  2. Go to your home email and retrieve password.
Step #3:  Login in to Skyward
  1. Access your Family Access account by logging in to your Skyward Account by selecting Classic Login NOT ClassLink SSO.  New families will use email and password provided in step #2. Returning and/or current families will use their current Skyward login and password.  If you forget your information, please visit Reset Skyward Password to reset your information. 
Step #4: Complete Online Registration
  1. Complete steps 1 through 6.  You will receive a green check indicating that you have completed a step and will be able to move on to the next step. If you do not receive a green check, go back and make update/changes until the green check populates. 
  2. Step 5 is where you will upload your documents that you gathered in Step #1.
  3. Step 6 is where you will find our online forms. The Home Language and Parental Registration / ACT 26 are state required forms - please be sure to complete in it's entirity. 
  4. If you speak another language in addition to or other than English, please be sure to complete the Student Background Questionnaire in addition to the Home Language Survey. 
Step #5:  Submit to District

Upon submission to the district, your application will be reviewed.  If the application is not complete, the registration office will contact you via phone or email.  Once the registration has been completed, your application will move in to the enrollment process.  This process should take no longer than five days from the completion of your registration.  Your child's school will contact you with a start date.  You will receive an email alerting you of the approval.  You will be directed to create a Family Access account (new families only).  Please wait 24 hours for information to roll over before creating your account.  Visit our Parent Resources page for helpful tips on setting up your Skyward account.


Commonly Asked Questions:

What if I live with a Monroeville/Pitcairn Resident - my name is not on the lease or mortgage?  You will be considered a Multiple Occupant.  You can find that form at the bottom of this page with directions.  If you need further assistance, please contact the Registration Office 412.373.5705. 

What if I am not the student's parent, but will be their legal guardian? You will need to complete an Affidavit form 1302.  This form can be found at the bottom of this page with directions. If you need further assistance, please contact the Registration Office 412.373.5705.

What if I am homeless?  Please call the Registration office 412.373.5705.

What if I have a Change of Address?  Please call the Registration Office 412.373.5705. 

How long does the enrollment process typically take?   Once your application has been approved for residency, your application will be moved in to the enrollment process.  During this process, someone from your child's school will contact you with a start date.  This process typically takes up to five business days during the regular school.  At our high registration times, this process may take longer and applications are processed in the order in which they were received. 

Any other questions or if you need additional assistance completing the Online Registration, please contact Cindy Capell in the Registration Office at 412.373.5705.  Contact information for the Registration Office:  email:  ccapell@gatewayk12.org / Fax:  412.373.5731.  

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration