Public Participation

For more information, or to notify the Board Secretary of your desire to speak, please contact Mrs. Janet Estok: 412-373-5701.

The Board recognizes the value to school governance of public comment on educational issues and the importance of involving members of the public in Board meetings.

The Board encourages citizens of the district to attend its sessions so that they may become better acquainted with the schools and so that the Board may have the opportunity to hear the wishes and ideas of the public. The public will be given time to express viewpoints subject to reasonable controls over the length of presentation and the particular time when members of the public will be heard.

Speakers to Agenda Items

At the beginning of each regular voting meeting, the public may speak to items on the agenda when so recognized by the Board President. The following rules will apply:

  1. Prior to speaking the person will state his/her name, address and the subject of presentation.
  2. Persons will be allowed to speak one time per agenda item.
  3. If many individuals wish to speak on an agenda item, each speaker will be limited to two (2) minutes.
  4. If few persons [less than five (5)] wish to speak on an agenda item, each speaker will be limited to four (4) minutes.
  5. The Board President will exercise equitable, reasonable judgment in determining time limits in relation to the number of persons to speak on an agenda item, or on the combined items of the agenda.
  6. On issues in which large numbers may wish to speak, cards will be distributed to indicate numerical order of speakers.
  7. The President will ascertain at the beginning of the meeting the number of persons who wish to speak on agenda items.

Open Forum

During an open period at the end of the Board meeting, members of the public may speak within time limitations on matters of immediate concern within the jurisdiction of the Board. Time limits will be determined in accordance with the time needed to present the topic and the Board's available open forum time. The following procedures are established for the open forum:

  1. Preference will be given to persons who inform the Board Secretary three (3) days in advance of his/her desire to speak, the topic, and group s/he may represent. S/He will state this again before speaking.
  2. Additional speakers not previously registered may or may not be afforded the opportunity to speak pending a ruling by the President on time available.
  3. The speaker will be allowed five (5) minutes for presentation. Variances to times may be granted pending the number who wish to speak and the nature of the topic.
  4. Speakers may raise questions, make suggestions or offer objective criticism of school operation and program, but the Board will not hear complaints about school personnel or other persons in public session.
  5. The President will have authority to terminate the remarks of any individual who does not adhere to the above rules.
  6. Board members who wish to respond to comments or questions from the public may request such recognition from the President.

Authority of President

  1. The President is responsible for the orderly conduct of the meeting and will rule on such matters as time limits and the pertinence of the topic to Board affairs.
  2. Persons are reminded that although requests may be directed to the Board, action and answers to many questions may be deferred pending investigation and consideration of the topic. If an immediate response is possible the President may seek such response from a person present capable of answering the question.