The Gateway Seal

The School District's official seal is a condensed symbol of some of the important facets of a high-quality Gateway education.

It is our mutual hope that Gateway graduates will prove the symbolism of "The Gateway Seal" as they expand their training and efforts toward a better world.

  • The lion represents Learning, the most vital part of any life. Learning is above all others as the lion is above all beasts. Learning never ceases, but is a continuing part of life, from birth to death.
  • Scholarship is a part of learning. Honorable scholarship is not just the desire to achieve recognition or complete an assignment, but the effort to explore knowledge in formal classes and everyday experiences.
  • Leadership in academics, sports, activities, and good student citizenship should be the ideal of every student. A goal to contribute to the betterment of society, as a youth or as an adult, demands intelligent and rational leadership.
  • Sportsmanship on and off the field of contest is our own aim and, hopefully, our accomplishment. Sportsmanship is trying to win, but not at the sacrifice of honor or pride. It is the position of losing, but cheering the victors and the position of winning gracefully.