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Distribution/Posting of Promotional Literature

  1. Distribution of noncurricular materials will be allowed in the schools subject to the requirements that follow unless the material is "unacceptable" as described herewith.
  2. The following materials are unacceptable: So called "hate" literature that attacks ethnic, religious or any racial group; material that promotes hostility, disorder, or violence; that proselytizes a particular religious or political belief; that is libelous, invades the rights of others, or inhibits the functioning of the school or advocates interference with the rights of any individual or with the normal operation of the school; that favors or opposes any political candidate, any bond issue, or any other question to be decided at an election; that is obscene or pornographic as defined by prevailing community standards.
  3. Groups wishing to distribute materials must submit the material to the Superintendent for approval a minimum of five (5) business days before the proposed distribution. The Superintendent will approve or disapprove the distribution on the basis of the material's acceptability. The decision of the Superintendent with respect to acceptance or rejection of materials will be final.
  4. Approved school-related materials may be distributed in the classroom at appropriate grade levels. Materials relating to activities for grades K-4 sponsored by the Recreation Departments of Monroeville or Pitcairn, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Indian Guides will be considered school related and may be distributed one time per year.
  5. Other approved materials may be distributed by the following method:
    1. Materials are brought to the school lobby, office or other location as designated by the building principal and placed for student pick-up.
    2. A poster or announcement board will be provided by the sponsor to identify the materials.
    3. The school will make one announcement over the public address system, as provided by the sponsor, noting the location of the flyers and the sign-up period for the event, if applicable.
    4. The sponsor will designate the date upon which the poster and flyers are to be removed, but in no case will they be kept for more than five (5) school days.
  6. The above policy governs noncurricular materials, not supplementary instructional materials, which are covered by other policies. However, no teacher will distribute noncurricular materials to students except as they are approved for distribution and distributed as above. Violation of this policy on the part of students or staff, will result in action.
  7. The Superintendent will present to any person or persons wishing to distribute noncurricular materials a copy of this policy.