"Breakfast Bites"


Research and statistics show that well-nourished children do better in school. Research also supports the importance of eating a healthy breakfast at school with regards to a child’s performance in the classroom as follows:

  • Eating breakfast improves test scores
  • Breakfast eaters make fewer mistakes
  • Kids who eat breakfast have improved attention spans and show improved behavior

Breakfast eaters are also less likely to become overweight.

"Get Going" with School Breakfast:

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"The Proof is in the Pudding!"

Scientific Research demonstrates the direct connection between proper nutrition and student success in the classroom. Robert Murray, MD outlines "The Learning Connection" within his presentation below:

Statistics point to an"ALTERNATIVE" Service Model as the best course of action when it comes to breakfast offerings.  

Gateway takes advantage of all the different types of breakfast service models out there ranging from:

  • "Grab 'N' Go"
  • Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC)
  • Second Chance Breakfast

"The Morning Fuel Kids Need to Learn…"

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"Start Smart with Breakfast"