ACT/SAT Testing

College entrance exams are those tests that colleges and universities require as part of the admission package, specifically the SAT and the ACT.

It is suggested that students take 3 college entrance exams, ideally in the 2nd semester of Junior year. Applications for college are started in the summer and early fall of senior year, so students need to have these scores for their application. A student can take an SAT or ACT anytime during high school, however it is best to have as much curriculum and preparation as possible to help students achieve their highest score, hence another reason for taking them during 2nd semester of junior year. SAT scores and ACT scores should be sent directly to the college. SAT scores (ACT by request only)  do get downloaded to transcripts, however many colleges are now requiring the electronic submission directly from the testing company.  It is suggested when students register to take these tests they also send their scores directly to colleges at this time.

It is also fine for students to take 2 college entrance exams in the spring, and one in October of the senior year. Many kids are in "application mode" the fall of their senior year and tend to do well. However, it is a personal preference. If your student needs to take an SAT II (subject) in addition to the SAT Reasoning, they will likely be testing in 4 different sessions.   If they prefer to take 3 tests during spring of the junior year, that is fine.  Waiting to take all college entrance exams the senior year is not ideal.

Students have the opportunity to prepare for the SAT by taking the PSAT, and sophomores only will the the PLAN, the ACT preparation assessment.  The PLAN is given in the fall, and the PSAT is always given on the same date, the third Saturday of October.  Sophomores and Juniors are both encouraged to take the PSAT.  Results for the PSAT will be given back to students in early January.

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