Post Secondary Planning

Graduation is not the goal; it's the expectation. We expect all students to graduate from high school and we want each one to receive their diploma. Our vision is that a more realistic student goal is planning for life AFTER high school. At Gateway High School, the counselors provide experiences that guide and support students as they begin their post secondary planning starting in 9th grade.

Graduation requirements are not necessarily college entrance requirements. Getting out of high school does not equate to getting into college. Students also must prepare by enrolling in rigorous college preparatory courses all four years, complete college entrance exams, and pass high school graduation requirements including mandatory state testing. Students interested in a technical or vocational track also need a solid background in math and reading as well as exposure to a wide variety of educational opportunities. Options such as those available at Forbes CTC also involve hours of exposure for various certifications and specific training.

Directing this question to students, what do you want to do in the days after graduation ceremonies? It's never too early to be thinking about and planning for your post secondary options. It doesn't matter to us what you want to do, only that you have a plan that allows you to find happiness in your choices as you travel on a path towards personal and financial success. High school is a time for exploring your interests, refining your skills, and discovering your abilities and applying all that you have learned at the next level. Your choices may include a 4 year college or university, a 2 year associate or certificate program, community college first before transferring to another college, the military, technical training, or straight to the workforce.

Recent Gateway graduates have chosen hundreds of different colleges. To make this a reality though, students must complete GHS graduation requirements. All students should have exposure to career Interest inventories and learning styles inventories and have given time to the process of searching for their best fit for life after high school.